Valencia – 16 Points

Vs Scotia

Guilderland 28
Scotia 18

The Biddy A, with only 7 available players, eagerly faced off on visiting
Scotia.  Guilderland’s disciplined defense set the tone early, containing
the opposition’s big point guard and denying the passing lanes.  On offense,
Valencia Fontenelle (16 pts) was smooth, hitting most every outside shot she
took, while also penetrating for layups using Guilderland’s “sweep”
offensive option.  Graycen Dubin (6 pts) had her typical all-around
performance, leading her team in rebounds and blocked shots, while a perfect
2 for 2 on free-throws.   Forward Alexis Martin (4 pts) showed off her
athleticism, ripping down rebounds, stealing passes and leading fast breaks.
Anna Ashery (2 pts) was a stable offensive presence, facing Scotia’s
pressure with solid passing, dribbling and a mid-range shot.  Guilderland’s
Kendall Rafferty and Julia Burke were kept busy neutralizing Scotia’s
substantially big players, while guard Lauren Thompson helped anchor her
team’s ball control.  After a final score of 28-18, Guilderland’s Biddy A
celebrated their victory with an animated pose for a parent photographer!



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